Fall Foliage Pics from Sunday

Will she be a leaf peeper like her mom?11_16kTheir favorite sighting of the day…11_16q 11_16l 11_16m 11_16n 11_16p 11_16r 11_16s 11_16t 11_16u

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A Fun Fall Sunday

Love these two… They wear me out, but they always keep me laughing.11_16a

11_16b 11_16h 11_16e2

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This Year’s North Pole Addition

Every year I try to find one new Department 56 building to add to our Christmas village collection. I work hard to find one that has some type of significance for that year. Last year we added the Cold Care Clinic (an overdue addition for Alek’s nursing career) and Santa’s Fun Run, since Alek had recently run his first three road races – a 5K, a 10K, and a half-marathon. Here are some on-line pictures of those two…clinic funrun

Here’s the one I found for our 2014 addition, in honor of Ben’s love of spies and detective work.  We’ll wrap it and let Ben open it when we take out our Christmas decorations in a few weeks. I think he’ll love it! (Oh, and the elf and Santa-Scope on top rotate when the building is plugged in and lit up. Adorable.)DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0008

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Northwest River Park

Glad for a fun, fall day outside with friends…11_8h 11_8b11_8aAmelia prefers to use more of a hockey technique… 11_8d 11_8e

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Marvel Live!

We received some free tickets to see Marvel Live last night at Scope, and I’m so glad we got to go. Ben loved it!Created with Nokia Smart Cam FOTA6B3 Created with Nokia Smart Cam FOT645 FOTCFF9 FOT9ECB

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Halloween Recorders

The younger kids (K-2nd) at school did a little Halloween costume parade on Friday. Then they sang a few songs after the third graders played a Halloween song on their recorders. It was very cute, and Ben did great!IMG_2572

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Trick or Treat!

A great night of candy collecting for the glamorous witch and the jaguar…10_31a 10_31b 10_31c 10_31d 10_31e 10_31f 10_31g 10_31h

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