A Mermaid Skirt

I couldn’t get a great picture of it, but here’s the mermaid skirt I made for Amelia Saturday evening. It’s really just a jersey knit skirt with a curved ruffle at the bottom, but it looks very mermaid-esque when she’s bouncing around the house in it. Picture1A very happy Ariel… DSC_0009

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So happy…

…to be seeing this happen more and more often.8_30a He often stops to tell me what’s going on in the story, but I usually have no frame of reference for whichever graphic novel he’s reading. Alek is a much better audience.8_30b 8_30cMakes me smile.

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An Exciting Friday Morning

Ben and I often see a heron in or near the Hague, and Ben’s been wanting to take a picture of it ever since our first sighting. I started bringing my camera with us each morning, but then it wasn’t there for two days. Finally, Friday morning on our way to school, it was there. We stopped, watched it soar and land on the water a few times, take off from the water, and even catch and swallow two fish. The fish catches were the best. We could even see the fish flapping around in the heron’s beak, and then we could see it flap around inside the heron’s throat as it was swallowed. I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it. Ben and I were both pretty excited about this pre-school wildlife outing. (See fish catch #1 below.)DSC_0001Fish catch #2… Picture1 So cool…Picture2

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“All About Me”

Here are the objects Ben chose for his “All About Me” project at school (basically a show and tell where students bring in special objects from home and use them to tell the class a little bit about themselves)…DSC_0002Pokemon binder, family photo, Indian headband made with his real turkey feather from Long Island, a picture of his Uncle Ben, a Minecraft cube, and his Chima alarm clock.

Ben did his presentation yesterday and said it went great. (And all the special objects made it safely back home.)

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First Day of Third Grade

Starting third grade, Monday was also Ben’s first day at The Williams School, a place I know he’ll grow to love as much as I do…8_25bBen and Mr. Spencer, our Head of School, sitting by our school motto on the steps.  He was in his office that morning and came out to ask Ben if he could take a first day of school picture with him. He really is one of the best school leaders I’ve ever worked with. He trusts and values his teachers while still providing guidance and helping us to always stay focused on doing what’s best for the kids.8_25cOverall, I think Ben had a great first day. Being one of only two  new kids in his class was an adjustment, but still, the other kids have been really nice. I’m so excited to see the rest of Ben’s year unfold.

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Cub Scouts on Bikes

Glad for Ben’s fun time with Cub Scouts yesterday. They did a biking activity to earn their Bike Safety belt loop (equivalent of patches for Girl Scouts) by spending about an hour completing four stations – Rules of the road, then how parts of the bike should function (shown here)… DSC_0016 Helmet safety, as in, wear one, here’s how it should fit, and a demo of dropping a regular egg and then dropping an egg wrapped in the type of foam that’s inside a helmet (nice illustration, the egg in the foam didn’t break).DSC_0020 DSC_0021And a series of various bike maneuvers – Here, Ben has to ride down the lane quickly and then stop exactly in the box at the end. Took him two tries, but he did it. DSC_0022 DSC_0025 Cone weaving…DSC_0029And probably the hardest one – riding down a lane in 30 seconds or MORE. Going really slow on a bike is harder than you’d think. DSC_0030After finishing the stations, the boys went for a group bike ride around the neighborhood. Amelia and I followed on my bike. It was a really nice afternoon.

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A Simple Sack

Ben needs a simple, drawstring backpack for his PE clothes at school, so here’s what I made for him…DSC_0005I actually made this bag out of a pillowcase I’d made for Ben about a year ago. He never wanted to use the pillowcase because, according to him, the fabric wasn’t soft enough. That was fine though since now that pillowcase has been reincarnated as a PE bag. Picture1It looks good, it’s functional, and Ben likes it. I give that an A+. DSC_0006

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