Swim Princess

Up until this summer, Amelia had refused to put her head under water, but this year she’s fearless, dunking with me and on her own. Swim on, Amelia!8_1a 8_1b 8_1c 8_1d 8_1e

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Turtle Rescuer

Some of Ben’s swim fun on Saturday…8_1g 8_1h 8_1i 8_1j 8_1k 8_1m 8_1n 8_1o 8_1p 8_1q 8_1r8_1l

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Lessons for Amelia

Amelia started swim lessons a few weeks ago. These pictures are from her first lesson. You can see here how her teacher gradually got her to jump into the pool (something she refused to do beforehand). First came sitting, then standing, but she would only do it if she could hold her teacher’s hands from the side. That was about 3 weeks ago. Now she’s jumping in on her own and happily going under water, blowing bubbles, learning to kick properly, etc. A happy little fish…I mean, mermaid.7_21a 7_21b 7_21c 7_21d 7_21e 7_21f 7_21g

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Another Reason to Love Summer Evenings

Backyard lights! I’ve actually had these hung since last fall, but up until a few days ago the poles were an eyesore – white PVC…adequate, but not cute. Earlier this week I finally replaced the PVC poles with wood 1×2’s that I painted to match our deck. End result – lovely! Much sturdier, much prettier. This was such an easy and inexpensive upgrade; the backyard suddenly feels like an outdoor cafe every evening. Love…yardlights2 yardlights4yardlights3 yardlights5Also, thanks to an outlet adapter, I can now turn the lights on and off with the flip of a switch – so much nicer than plugging and unplugging an extension cord.

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Black Walnut

Check out the newest addition to our living room – a handmade (by us) coffee table made from a piece of black walnut I bought on the Eastern Shore last year and hairpin legs I ordered on-line. I spent $34 for all four legs (on sale from $96) and the wood was only $50. Overall, a great price for a one-of-a-kind wood table…and a really fun project. DSC_0014I spent a day sanding the wood and applying several coats of poly, and then Alek attached the legs for me. I love the grain lines and the bark along the edges…and mostly, I love that we made it ourselves! DSC_0016DSC_0018 DSC_0020 DSC_0021

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4 going on 14

Just a quick bit of Amelia to start your day off…
(Make sure your volume is up and that you listen closely from the very beginning)

Amelia – 4 going on 14

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Young Chef’s Academy

Here are a few pics from a birthday party Amelia attended yesterday at Young Chef’s Academy (she’s on a birthday party streak, by the way – two parties last weekend, one this weekend, and one next weekend!). The kids made mini-pizzas. Amelia was less than impressed with her finished product, but she had fun during the preparation.DSC_0006 DSC_0009 DSC_0011 DSC_0014DSC_0015And of course, leave no speck untasted…DSC_0018 DSC_0019 DSC_0020

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