Yard Sale Score

Check out the new bag I found at a yard sale on Saturday morning…1It’s a camera bag, but I can also easily use it as a big bag for school or overnight bag. I recognized the bag instantly at the yard sale as a Jo Tote (Johansen Camera Bags). I first saw them over a year ago, but I could never bring myself to pay the hefty price tag. So here’s the best part of this yard sale score: retail price for this bag is between $79 and $89, my price, $10! Bliss.DSC_0001 2

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Succulent Mug

My new favorite succulent…dI added rocks to the bottom of the mug to provide drainage, so hopefully this one will last a while (I’ve only had so-so luck with succulents in the past, even though they’re supposed to be super easy to grow). I love this one for the plant itself, and also since it puts one of my favorite mugs to good use. Makes me smile every time I see it.a b c

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A New Dress for Summer

It’s been a while since I made a dress for Amelia, and lately she loves long dresses, so here’s a new one I made her for summer. I haven’t hemmed it yet, but I couldn’t resist a few pictures. She and I are both pretty happy with it…

blue1 blue2 blue3 blue4 blue5 blue6 blue7 blue8 blue10


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Day Two for Her Do

I can’t get enough of Amelia’s new hair style. It looked even cuter when she woke up Tuesday morning! I think she did a nice job accessorizing as well.5_12a 5_12b 5_12c 5_12d

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Her Second Hair Cut Ever

A fun change for summer…

IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0039 IMG_0046

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Ben’s First Talent Show

There were about 25 acts total in the school talent show this week, and I was so proud of Ben for wanting to participate. Lots of kids sang and played instruments, a few lip synched, a few recited poems, but Ben was the only handstand-er. He was so excited to perform in front of the whole school. His “act” was only a few seconds long, but it still took an admirable amount of confidence. I’m so glad he did it!

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Yard Work Weekend

We had perfect spring weather this weekend, so it was really nice to get out and do some yard work. Our back yard is still a work in progress, but it’s coming along. I mostly just cleaned up the beds, cut back a bunch of ivy, and did some planting. I still need to re-mulch, but that can wait a week or two. My current favorite improvement though is a giant $9 urn I found at a yard sale yesterday. I was planning on painting it, but once I found some flowers for it, I decided I’m actually liking the yellow, for now at least. (Oh, and please ignore our major lack of grass; I’ll deal with that this fall.)yard5_15b yard5_15cI also spruced up the porch a bit this weekend. First I gave an old plastic tub an update so I could use it as a planter.orange1 orange2Then we put out our giant tree stump (from a friend, I’m so in love with it!), so it could continue drying out. This summer we’ll sand and seal it then keep it as a table on the porch. porch3 porch2 porch4Once again, hurray for spring!

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