Our Pilgrim in Pink

Amelia did a great job in her Thanksgiving Performance today. She was thrilled to be on stage and loved seeing her mom, dad, and big brother in the audience; she was all smiles from the moment she spotted us. I have so much to be thankful for!

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A November Walk in the Woods

We hiked the Noland Trail in Newport News on Saturday. It’s one of my favorite hikes in the area, especially on a beautiful fall day. The kids even hung in there for almost the entire five miles! (We took a slight short cut toward the end, so it was closer to four miles, still impressive for a 9 and 5 year-old…though the 5 year-old logged some miles on piggy-back, too).

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A Visit to Jamestown

Ben’s studying Jamestown and Virginia history this year, so our visit to Jamestown last weekend was perfect. Ben will go again later this year with his class, but it was fun to get a sneak peak as a family first.

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Grateful for His Smile

My Head of School sent me this picture last Friday. He was observing in the 4th grade classroom and snapped this while Ben was reading aloud his Halloween story. I am so grateful for that smile.IMG_0365

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A Very Happy Halloween

I can’t believe it’s already November, but I’m grateful for a really fun Halloween this year with Minecraft Herobrine, Princess Merida, and the cutest scarecrow around!10_31a 10_31b 10_31c 10_31d

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Ben’s Costume Test Run

Ben got to do a test run with his Minecraft costume during a Halloween activity at school this past Saturday. Here are a few pics someone sent me (I didn’t have a chance to take any myself since I was corralling Ben, Amelia, AND Cooper.). Ben got LOTS of compliments, and we found a few things to tweak for the real event this Saturday!MC1 MC2

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Our Brave Amelia

Amelia has finally decided on her Halloween costume for this year – the daring, red-headed archer from Brave, Princess Merida. I think it’s a perfect fit.10_21a 10_21d 10_21e 10_21f 10_21g 10_21h 10_21i

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