How do you make sledding even more fun?

Two words – sled upgrade! It was a blast…2_26h2_26a2_26b2_26c 2_26d 2_26e 2_26i 2_26j 2_26k 2_26p 2_26q

Oh, and Alek’s less-than-thrilled face is due to a jump near the base of the hill. The inflatable sled actually caught a small but decent amount of air from that, and apparently the landing was less than comfortable for a guy his size. Poor guy, the rest of us loved it!

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Reading Sample

This is mainly for the benefit of Dr. Conradi, who asked me once if I could record a sample of Amelia “reading,” so it’s probably only cute or interesting to her (hopefully), anyone else interested in early literacy, and me. That said, here’s how Amelia “reads” part of Hop on Pop, a book I’ve read to her about a thousand times.

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They Do Help You Embrace Life, Don’t They?

How to welcome the snow with open arms? See it from their eyes…2_24a 2_24b 2_24c 2_24e 2_24f 2_24gThough I am tired of redoing lesson plans and missing class time, I couldn’t help but smile a little at how pretty the snow looked this evening. My best decision of the night was taking Cooper and the kids for a spontaneous jaunt in the evening snowfall. The kids were ecstatic, and even Cooper seemed delighted. I am so grateful for moments like these.2_24i 2_24j 2_24k

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She’s little, but she plays for the Giants

Amelia sported quite the interesting outfit when she came downstairs ready to go to school Monday morning. See, she’s not just a princess.DSC_0017 DSC_0019

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Snow Day!

The joy of a snow day…2_17f 2_17g 2_17i 2_17j 2_17k 2_17l 2_17m 2_17n 2_17oA cold, winter day doesn’t get much better than this… 2_17p

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Let It Snow, 2015

I wish I could tell what Cooper’s thinking when he goes outside and finds it snowing.DSC_0005

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Ben playing Ben

Ben Collins is becoming Benjamin Franklin for Biography Day at school in a couple weeks. Here’s the beginning of the transformation… 2_14aI found a tuxedo shirt, khakis, and reading glasses at a thrift store on Saturday. Then I just altered the shirt and pants a bit, adding elastic to both. I also plan on adding some gold buckles (card stock most likely) to his shoes. Not sure what we’re going to attempt for his hair, but otherwise, I think he already looks great.  DSC_0001DSC_0006  DSC_0007

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