“Oh Mom, LOOK!”

Here’s one of the many books we checked out on Saturday – crafting for Mom, Minecraft for Ben. We were both pretty psyched. #whenworldscollide #nexusoftheuniverse 3_21q

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Biking About

Saturday I was grateful for spring (oh, so grateful) and grateful to live where I do. After lunch, the kids and I headed out for a bike ride to return a Red Box movie, and then we made our way to two different libraries and to Town Point Park. It was so nice to be out and about, enjoying a beautiful early-spring day on bikes instead of in the car. 3_21a 3_21b 3_21c 3_21dLibrary stop #1, the one we usually use…3_21f 3_21eNext we headed downtown to Norfolk’s largest library. I was curious to check it out since the original library was recently renovated and a brand new addition was jut finished. It did not disappoint. Good job, Norfolk.3_21g 3_21h 3_21i 3_21j 3_21k 3_21l 3_21m 3_21o We finally ended up at Town Point Park for a snack break. Amelia and I took a breather, but Ben only paused momentarily. His energy is amazing.3_21s 3_21t 3_21uOh, here’s one more pic from the new library – one of the touch screen book searching screens that are spread throughout the library. I know touch screens are nothing new these days, but it just made me laugh to think how far we’ve come since my card catalog days as a kid.


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Pajamas for the Princess

Guess who’s excited about her new Princess Sofia pajamas…DSC_0042

Here are my attempts to get her to hold still after the initial euphoria pictured above.DSC_0044 It failed…DSC_0050But that’s okayDSC_0051

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Little Leprechauns

A fun St. Patty’s Day for Ben with his pint-sized pot o’ gold…

3_17a 3_17b 3_17c 3_17d 3_17eAnd Amelia had a blast at her preschool’s Leprechaun Dash. Alek was there to cheer her on. 3_17h 3_17i 3_17j 3_17k 3_17l

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Two Pots of Gold

A St. Patrick’s Day morning surprise for Ben and Amelia…DSC_0052I love Rolos. They make such perfect, little “gold” pieces…also, they’re delicious.DSC_0059

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Ben’s Biography Day

Here are two pictures from Ben’s Biography Day at school last week. The kids all looked great. They split up into groups with their “Bigs” (all lower school kids are partnered with a student from the upper school for the year, and they do various activities together all year) and played a fun biography trivia game together. In the picture below you’ll find Ben Franklin, Derek Jeter, Walt Disney, Elvis (I think), Einstein, and a few others I’m not sure of. Each grade dressed for different categories, i.e., inventors, our Founding Fathers, Civil War heroes, athletes, entertainers, etc.IMG_0256


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SO Sweet!

We went to a birthday party at the trampoline park the other day. Ben hung out with his buddies most of the time, but I did look up to see this happening for a while. World’s sweetest big brother…

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