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Curb Appeal

I got several small tasks done on my day off today, but here’s my biggest accomplishment of the day… Ugly dirt patch next to the porch where we removed a ton of weeds and an overgrown holly bush/tree last year… … Continue reading

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Bump Dressing – 18 weeks, part 1

I like this outfit, but I definitely feel like it’s kind of a teacher uniform. Oh well, the color of the cardigan puts me in a good mood.

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Sunday Morning

Ben and I went to the local bagel shop this morning to finally give in to my craving for a salt bagel. Warm, fresh goodness…yum!

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Except for an early morning Harris Teeter trip this morning (I’m new to the whole VIC card savings thing, but their specials are amazing! I saved $30 this morning!), Ben and I have been indoors all day on this cold, … Continue reading

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Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream

My reward for the following: My OB’s words today as he looked over my data from the nurse, “Weight gain’s textbook. Great job.” Finishing my class reading and discussion board posts for the week, hallelujah!

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Cross one off the list

Last weekend I scraped our side steps and railing while Alek fixed the individual steps. This weekend I finished the job (almost).  Yesterday I sanded and primed, and today I painted – railings white, steps “dark walnut,” but a more … Continue reading

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What happens without a nap

Out cold at 6:15 this evening. He played in his room instead of sleeping during his regular nap time today. Hmm, but of course, now he’s got his second wind for the evening. Bed time will be interesting.

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