Wearing the Pants

Two weeks ago I was ecstatic to have found two pairs of non-maternity pants at Macy’s that actually fit. I bought them both on sale for a grand total of $34. Good deal, but now, neither of them fit! I can literally pull them on and off without unzipping them. They’re huge – as in, no-longer-wearable-huge! Though I’m glad to have apparently shrunk down some in the past two weeks, it kills me to have wasted $34. I hate that, especially now when every penny going in and out counts.

BUT, in an effort to let go of that money mishap, and in an effort to actually be able to get dressed in the morning, Thursday I went to Old Navy and found a pair of jeans and a pair of cords that actually fit, thank God, this time for a grand total of $40. I’m pretty sure these will both last me for the next 6 weeks or so, and I can’t believe what an incredible load off that is.

Also, I just never expected clothing to be one of my biggest frustrations during these first few postpartum weeks. It drove me nuts toward the end of pregnancy when nothing fit, but now, postpartum, it’s continued to be a huge frustration. I often feel superficial when I write about clothes and how they dictate my mood, but really, these clothing issues stem much more from need than want. It’s incredibly depressing to wake up each  morning and literally have only one pair of pajama bottoms that fit. How am I supposed to leave the house in that? And how am I supposed to feel sane when I can’t leave the house? And unfortunately, when I feel like a slob externally, I inevitably start to mirror those feelings internally as well, and the downward spiral begins.

So thank you Old Navy for making cheap pants that fit, and thank you, Amelia, for sleeping long enough this morning for me to complete my fastest hem job yet.

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1 Response to Wearing the Pants

  1. geri says:

    Looking good in the new pants! Tincture of time…these issues will resolve. A deep breath of Ocotber air will ease the soul. MOM

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