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Little Owl

I love her praying feet and this adorable owl shirt from  a good friend of ours… I also love days when my hardest decision is, “Polka-dots or stripes?” Advertisements

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A Boy’s World

Watching five year-old boys play together is adorable… (I believe they were rocket-launching explorers/shark-fighting pirates)

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I love these little ruffles. I love these little feet. I love this little sweetums. (The apple of her daddy’s eye…) (And of course, thank you so much, Rita, for the adorable cupcake outfits! She’s just growing into this first one. … Continue reading

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Web Heads

Spiderman convention in the kitchen…

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Toy Hulk, my attempt to draw Hulk, and Ben-Hulk…

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“I CARE if I do something that’s special!”

I ADORE this link from Kristin on Facebook…(click link below) “I CARE if I do something that’s special!“

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Ready for the Roundup

Thanks for the adorable bandana, Kris! Now Amelia’s the perfect cowgirl! Just kidding, we know it’s a little kerchief. Very sweet. The dress is adorable too! I can’t wait to see Amelia toddling around in it this summer.

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