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Color suggestions, please!

(This pic taken last summer, when our friends still owned the house) Any color suggestions for this downstairs bathroom? What would work well with grey tiles? The floor is the same color grey, hexagon tile. I also want to paint … Continue reading

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The Pose

Amelia always holds her hand up to her head like this when she’s tired. Little starlet…

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First time visiting OUR new house!

We’d been over to the Redgate house several times when our friends owned it, but I took Ben & Amelia over tonight for our first visit since closing, and our first time seeing it empty of furniture. Ben loved it. … Continue reading

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Backyard Beauties

Neither Alek or I like yard work, so this is the how our backyard typically looks in May & June – lots of leaves that fall year-round and my favorite, no-maintenance¬†hydrangeas – the big corner one was even transplanted to … Continue reading

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Summer Buzz

Gettin’ hot, gettin’ sweaty… Time for a trim… (He’s fully engrossed watching Cars here, a movie he’s only seen about…fifty times.)

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Four-Point Stance

Crab-walking? Downward Dog? Just Amelia’s four-point stance…

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Biggest Purchase Ever!

Buying our new house today!!!

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