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Ball Machine

Ben: “Amelia, meet the crazy ball machine. It was mine when I was a baby, and I always found it mesmerizing. Now, I pass it on to you. Enjoy…” Amelia: “Whoa…” Amelia: “OH, paparazzi, must pose!” Advertisements

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Irene Activities – Part 5

Ben did his fair share of this during his first hurricane experience… (I know, I know – should young child really be sitting near window during hurricane? But seriously, it was fine.) And Amelia did her fair share of this… … Continue reading

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Irene Activities – Part 4

I jigsawed out some holes to serve as hand-holds (to lift the top off when needed) and painted the top of the window seat, 3 coats! Now, the cushion…no idea how I’m gonna pull that one off. Before: After:

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On the Riverbank

Our street and neighborhood definitely flood during hurricanes and nor’easters, but apparently, we live right on the riverbank. I took this picture from our porch right around high tide during the storm last night. The water’s up over the sidewalk … Continue reading

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Irene Activities – Part 3

Before: The linen closet upstairs has looked like this since we moved in…almost two months ago. Painful, every time I opened the door. After: BUT, 30 minutes of a hurricane-homebound day later, while Amelia napped, and it’s soooooo much better. … Continue reading

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Irene Activities – Part 2

Better than TV… Getting all the laundry done Friday night and Saturday morning before we potentially/probably lose power.

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Irene Activities – Part 1

I like this wreath, but our front door just felt way too…not private at all. I kept wanting to make curtains for it, but I didn’t want to block all the light during the day…but I also wanted privacy. Answer … Continue reading

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