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Pumpkin Day

Hooray for Pumpkin Day!

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Who says girls always have to be…

…the princess? Maybe sometimes they want to be the dragon! Borrowed this from a friend. Definitely a friendly dragon…

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Accidental Hikers

A leisurely stroll through the woods turned into a mini trek today when I mistakenly chose a 3-mile trail for us at the state park. The kids were troopers, but they were definitely wiped out by the time we finished. … Continue reading

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Costume party at Ben’s school Thursday evening. Adorable, chaotic, kids all had a blast…

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Amelia Style

Skirts and dresses with tights or leggings…my favorite!  

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Career Day for Kindergarten

We went to Career Day at Ben’s kindergarten class yesterday. The parent volunteers included a doctor, a lawyer, a Home Emporium manager, a scientist, an occupational therapist, a utility line marker, a hair stylist, and a nurse (a.k.a., Ben’s dad). … Continue reading

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Holiday Sneak Peak

Guess what I’m working on…

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