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Angry Birds A’Foot

The perfect surprise for a boy who loves his crocs almost as much as he loves Angry Birds… Advertisements

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Teardrops in Purple

I finished three more Teardrop purses last night (I worked on them a little each night this week). I like how they turned out, and since I still have one more to do, in completely different fabrics, hopefully they’ll beĀ  … Continue reading

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A Shower Curtain…Finally!

It only took me a year, but I finally bought a real shower curtain for the upstairs bathroom, the bathroom I mentally refer to as the ugliest bathroom ever. I’d love to gut the whole thing, but who knows if … Continue reading

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More Arts & Crafts for Ben

Another big-kids-only project with Ben… Guess what we’re making… A little foam, felt, googly eyes, and glue equals…Angry Birds! I did the cutting, Ben did the gluing and assembling. Really fun, inexpensive project, and we have plenty of supplies left … Continue reading

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For the Craft Show

I finished bag #2 for the craft show the other night, AND I found a great $6 Craigslist coat rack that will serve as an adorable bag display at the show. It’s not till November, but I’m already getting excited!

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Big Boy Projects

On the weekend I often just let Ben watch TV while Amelia takes her nap since that way I can get something done on my own. Ben has been asking to do “arts and crafts” lately though so Sunday while … Continue reading

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Angry Birds…for real!

You’re looking at one enthralled six year old… He played this for hours last night, literally. Thanks for letting us borrow your new game, GG! It was quite the hit. (Get it? Hit? Ha!)

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