Raingutter Regatta

Ben started attending cub scouts recently, and his troop had their Raingutter Regatta event Monday night. Ben’s officially a Tiger Cub, but this event included all the dens, or packs, or whatever, in his troop. Or maybe troops make up a pack. I have no idea. This is Alek’s domain. Ben won one race and lost one race, and overall had a lot of fun.

His little sister did a lot of this while Big Brother raced – running, rolling, and laughing on the stage behind the racing area…until she fell apart anyway. She hung in there for a while, but then we hit her bedtime and had to call it a night. Ben was a good sport about having to leave early though, fortunately.

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1 Response to Raingutter Regatta

  1. gg says:

    I think it is great that Ben is following in the footsteps of his Eagle Scout dad. Uncle Ben had a great time in Tiger Cubs with Billy and Michael Jackson in Puerto Rico – the Pinewood Derby!

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