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New Favorite

While in search of a dresser for Amelia’s room, I came across this awesome dresser/cabinet on Craigslist. $100, antique, solid wood, great storage, really cool – I was sold! Except…it was too tall for Amelia’s room. No problem, we just … Continue reading

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Manner’s Tea

As recognition for good behavior, one boy and one girl from each class at Ben’s school get invited to the Manner’s Tea, held once a month. Ben got invited from his class this month. It was pretty adorable – and … Continue reading

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A Nurse’s Catch-All

Here’s a little purse I made for one of Alek’s co-workers on Saturday. She basically asked for an oversized wristlet, big enough to hold makeup, keys, and a stethoscope. I had to add a pinched-in seam at the top of … Continue reading

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Bags of Bags

With Amelia still in diapers, we change the trash in her room almost daily. This means we keep a LOT of plastic bags in her room. Until the other day, they were easy enough to grab, but still kind of … Continue reading

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Another Game Day

Ben had another great basketball game Saturday¬† morning…Warming up before the game…Playing some defense… Good game everyone…

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Her First Bubble Bath!

“Wait a second…They’re not coming off.” “Must correct this situation.” She is her mother’s daughter.

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Crib Conversion

I wonder why Amelia’s lookin’ all William Wallace in her crib? Oh right, because she wants her……FREEDOM! Happy toddler in her crib-turned-toddler-bed. Sweet freedom…

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