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Happy Easter!

Easter sweetness… Advertisements

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Ombre Easter Bunnies

I made a few Easter cards this year using a $5 bunny punch I found on Ebay and some free paint chips from Home Depot. Such a sweet, easy craft… The perfect way to mail a Happy Spring message to … Continue reading

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Just Like Mommy

Somebody insisted on wearing her skirt and boots this morning too…I went in her room this morning already dressed like this for work. As soon as I took off Amelia’s pajamas, she started requesting, “Boots! Boots!” Then when I tried … Continue reading

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Yoga Bag

What? That’s just your everyday Ghent mom headed to yoga class (or posing for her tripod on her front porch)…with her yoga-mat-holding tote bag…that she made…herself! Haha, but yes, I do love yoga lately, and I did make this tote … Continue reading

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Frame Makeover

I found two framed oil paintings and a large, empty, ornate frame at my favorite thrift store last week: oil paintings, $7 & $10, large empty frame, $7. The small painting is staying as is most likely, but I gave … Continue reading

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Midcentury Modern for Ben’s Room

I went to a local thrift store the other day to drop off old clothes and toys when I spotted this little table. We didn’t really need it, but when I found out it was only $10…I kind of had … Continue reading

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Love These Two

My two munchkins watching some Saturday morning TV together… I love how they love being together. I hope it lasts!

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