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Demoted Princess?

I snapped these pictures because I thought Amelia looked cute working on her princess puzzle in her princess dress. When I saw the actual photos though, it looks like the princess got demoted to housemaid again. Poor Cinderella…

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I Get It

I used to regularly wonder why parents were so happy to cover their Christmas tree with their children’s often sloppy, mish-mash, hand-made ornaments. I always thought to myself, “Hmm, they’re not very cute.” Of course, today Ben and Amelia’s hand-made … Continue reading

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Free Day at the Zoo

I’m so glad we got to take advantage of semi warm weather and free passes to the zoo yesterday. Ben kept a picture journal of every animal we saw. That made it quite the slow stroll, but that was okay. … Continue reading

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Ninjas…Less is More

Ben loves his ninja cookie cutters so we made more ninjabread men on Christmas Eve. During the icing process, we learned that less is more when it comes to icing these guys. Here’s our first attempt followed by our second … Continue reading

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Christmas on the Porch

I love my little window box of garland and ornaments…

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Christmas Morning!

Grateful for the fun of Christmas morning with little ones… Cooper was present for the presents too of course, but he was happy to watch the festivities from the adjacent room. Our wise ol’ boy…The most wonderful time of the … Continue reading

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Let Your Heart Be Light

Ben and Amelia’s annual Christmas Eve photoshoot, a.k.a. I have absolutely no idea how these pajamas managed to fit for three straight years… Age 1 and Age 5: Age 2 and Age 6:And this year, age 3 and age 7… … Continue reading

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