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Pray Tell

Another wildlife sighting on Redgate Ave… Get ready, folks…it’s a praying mantis.I told you, it doesn’t take much. Still, it really is pretty cute how Ben gets SO excited about his animal sightings. “Mom! Quick, get the camera!” Advertisements

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Hood for Hire

Here’s a satin, hooded cape I made for a friend’s daughter for Halloween. I didn’t make the dress under the cape, but I did make a new black sash/bow for it. The little girl (a 3rd grade classmate of Ben’s) … Continue reading

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His First School Project

I’m so excited Ben is finally getting to make projects for school. It’s fun to watch him show what he’s learned by creating something rather than just through filling out a worksheet. I’m very proud of Ben’s work on his … Continue reading

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We only think our stories end.

Our Amelia Frances, holding a photograph of two of her namesakes, my Great-Grandmother Amelia with one of her three daughters, Frances, my own Great-Aunt Frances…two special women whose stories now span five generations, for they are woven into this little … Continue reading

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More Birthday Fun

Amelia celebrated her birthday with all of her friends at preschool on Monday, and I’m so glad I was able to stop by to see her little celebration. Her classmates sang Happy Birthday, everyone had a cupcake, and Amelia got … Continue reading

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Four Years Old

Happy birthday, Amelia Frances! You are sugar and spice and everything nice. We love you to pieces, our dear, sweet, funny, little 4 year old…

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Under the Sea

Who’s ready for her Ariel-themed birthday party later today…?

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