A Great Morning for Ben

Ben had a great morning at school today as he got to go up in front of the entire school twice during our weekly assembly. He knew he would be going up to present with Lego Club, but then he also got the surprise of being chosen as one of his class’ two Good Citizens of the Month. Ben was SO proud as he stood up front with one of his classroom teachers as she read a paragraph all about why Ben was chosen as a 3rd Grade Good Citizen. It was so cute, and I was so proud of him. You can see what his teacher read below. IMG_0008 photoI love his smile in the picture below. He was waving to friends in the audience. IMG_0005What his teacher read aloud, “We have chosen Ben Collins as one of our 3rd Grade Good Citizens for the month of December. Ben entered The Williams School this year and has been an excellent addition to our class and our school. Ben is a respectful and kindhearted student. His positive attitude towards school makes him a great role model for his peers. I would like to recognize Ben for the dedication and commitment he puts forth towards his school work. He gives his best effort on each and every assignment, and I can always count on him to participate in classroom discussions. Not only is he a great student, but he is also a great friend to all and does an amazing job of including all of his classmates on the playground. We are so proud of Ben for all of these accomplishments. Congratulations, Ben!”

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3 Responses to A Great Morning for Ben

  1. kjomeg says:

    Oh, your heart must be bursting with pride, I know mine is! Ben truly is an amazing young man and he brings incredible joy to my life. /gg

  2. Kirsten says:

    Great job Ben! What an amazing kid.

  3. drkdmd says:

    Congratulations Ben, you are not only a wonderful boy but a great grandson.

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