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How do you make sledding even more fun?

Two words – sled upgrade! It was a blast… Oh, and Alek’s less-than-thrilled face is due to a jump near the base of the hill. The inflatable sled actually caught a small but decent amount of air from that, and … Continue reading

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Reading Sample

This is mainly for the benefit of Dr. Conradi, who asked me once if I could record a sample of Amelia “reading,” so it’s probably only cute or interesting to her (hopefully), anyone else interested in early literacy, and me. That … Continue reading

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They Do Help You Embrace Life, Don’t They?

How to welcome the snow with open arms? See it from their eyes… Though I am tired of redoing lesson plans and missing class time, I couldn’t help but smile a little at how pretty the snow looked this evening. … Continue reading

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She’s little, but she plays for the Giants

Amelia sported quite the interesting outfit when she came downstairs ready to go to school Monday morning. See, she’s not just a princess.

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Snow Day!

The joy of a snow day… A cold, winter day doesn’t get much better than this…

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Let It Snow, 2015

I wish I could tell what Cooper’s thinking when he goes outside and finds it snowing.

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Ben playing Ben

Ben Collins is becoming Benjamin Franklin for Biography Day at school in a couple weeks. Here’s the beginning of the transformation… I found a tuxedo shirt, khakis, and reading glasses at a thrift store on Saturday. Then I just altered … Continue reading

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