Crafting for Camp

I’ve been crafting a lot this past week to make samples for a one-week camp I’m hoping to do at school this summer. The camp is all about exploring and creating, with a nature theme. I’m developing it with a few other teachers for rising K – 5th graders, but whether or not it actually happens depends on enrollment. Hopefully we can entice enough kids to sign up. Here are a few of our ideas…

After a trip to First Landing State Park, we’ll create “nature bugs” like these:naturebugs

Along with bowls made out of sand:sand2

sand3After a trip to the Botanical Gardens, we’ll create flowers using pistachio shells:pistachio1 pistachio2

Along with pom-pom flowers like these made of yarn:yarnpom1 yarnpom2

After a trip to the Hermitage and Chrysler Museum, we’ll create beaded insects like this spider:beadedspider We’ll also spend a day at the zoo, followed by animal-themed crafting. I really hope we get to host the camp this summer! If not, we’ll just aim for summer 2016 instead.

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3 Responses to Crafting for Camp

  1. kjomeg says:

    Here is your first order for pistachio flowres. These crafts are terrific! Perhaps adults would enjoy doing them as well as children. Why don’t you write a craft book!

  2. kjomeg says:

    Sorry about the misspelled flowers – haste makes waste!

  3. Ashley says:

    I would TOTALLY love that!

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