Ben’s First Chess Tournament

I took Ben to his first chess tournament on Saturday, and he really liked it. Several kids from his school chess club went, and Ben ended up doing well. He won two games, lost one, and had a draw on another. He came in 5th in his section out of about 15 kids, and his school team came in first place. Here’s a picture of him during the orientation for new players, and two from after the tournament. No pics during the actual playing because parents aren’t allowed to watch in the tournament room, which is fine with me. I like how that helps the kids be more independent and responsible, and it’s a funny rule to me because it does exist, in part, due to…overly eager…parent spectators. 5_30a 5_30b This group is Ben’s section. There were five other Williams kids in the next level up, too.5_30c

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2 Responses to Ben’s First Chess Tournament

  1. kjomeg says:

    How great is that feeling when you receive a trophy! Champion Ben Collins will challenge Uncle Ben Kjome to a game in August. May the best Ben win! Congratulations, Ben Collins!

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