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Three Musketeers

Three little people who couldn’t be happier to be together…

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The Kid in Him

Apparently the ropes course, like much of life really, brings out the kid (college kid, maybe) in Alek…

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Birthday Adventure

In lieu of a party this year, we decided to give Ben a couple fun experiences instead. Next weekend he gets to have a friend spend the night (his first sleep over), and on New Year’s Day, we took him to a … Continue reading

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Boardwalk Bikes

Sunday was a perfect day for a bike ride at the Boardwalk. I tried to snap a quick picture of the kids. They didn’t give me quite the smiles I was hoping for, but they did make me laugh.

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Out for a Hike

Nice day to be out amidst the sunshine and Spanish moss…  Ben’s less than thrilled about the photo stop. Amelia, however, has no problem breaking out the…somewhat creepy…smileBetter shot of Ben…not so much for Amelia.

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Biking About

Saturday I was grateful for spring (oh, so grateful) and grateful to live where I do. After lunch, the kids and I headed out for a bike ride to return a Red Box movie, and then we made our way … Continue reading

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How do you make sledding even more fun?

Two words – sled upgrade! It was a blast… Oh, and Alek’s less-than-thrilled face is due to a jump near the base of the hill. The inflatable sled actually caught a small but decent amount of air from that, and … Continue reading

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