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Three Musketeers

Three little people who couldn’t be happier to be together… Advertisements

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A Blustery Norfolk Christmas Eve

Despite the wind and clouds, 70 degree weather this morning made for a nice Christmas Eve stroll along the Elizabeth River. We also checked out the Dickens’ Christmas Towne where the kids were very impressed with a great model train … Continue reading

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A Very Fancy Treat

Ben and Amelia enjoyed a very fancy treat on a very rainy day this past Sunday. They ask for hot chocolate (in their fancy tea cups) almost daily now.

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SO Sweet!

We went to a birthday party at the trampoline park the other day. Ben hung out with his buddies most of the time, but I did look up to see this happening for a while. World’s sweetest big brother…

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Peter Rabbit Reading

The other day I suddenly heard Ben say “…and implored him to exert himself.” (Literally, and he pronounced it all¬†perfectly.) I looked up to see him reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit to Amelia.¬†Couldn’t ask for more.

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A Fun Fall Sunday

Love these two… They wear me out, but they always keep me laughing.

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First Day of 4-Year-Old Pre-K

Amelia doesn’t turn 4 until later this month, but she’s still in the 4-year-old pre-K class this year, and she’s more than happy to be joining our morning backpack brigade. These two, my funny, rambunctious sweethearts…Oh, and yes, it was … Continue reading

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