House Tour

In 2011, we bought and moved into a Dutch Colonial home built in Norfolk, Va in 1910. I love that we get to add another chapter to our home’s history. Our style can be described as eclectic, creative, family friendly, and comfortable. It’s been created almost entirely from budget-friendly Craig’s List finds and makeovers, many roadside rescues (also usually involving makeovers), thrift store and Etsy purchases, and hand made crafts. Our style and decor continue to evolve with time, but mostly I hope our home is always warm and welcoming. So on that note, welcome to our home…

1 4Our front door I painted green and our mailbox I painted blue. Little changes, big smiles. 6Italian ceramic tile fills our foyer and dining room. It was installed in the ’70s and looks more like linoleum than tile, but I’m learning to work with it. Just beyond the foyer you can see our dining room chandelier, one of countless thrift store makeovers. See Before and After pics here and here. 7 8 10 11 I love our mix of dining room chairs. See the Before and After for this one here:13Before and After pics for this one here: 14 15 One of our many gallery walls…I can’t get enough of them.17This is one of the rooms we hang out in most. We use the front part of our living room for watching TV and reading, but this is where we play games with the kids, read, talk with friends, etc. It’s definitely one of my favorite spaces. The little MMC telephone table under the windows in this room is one of my favorite curbside rescue pieces ever. See Before and After pics of it here. Also, see Before and After pics of the built-in bookshelves we made for this room here.18This chair is also one of my very favorite CL scores. Not only do I adore the design, but I also love that it was a special project my dad and I did together – taking it completely apart, sanding everything down, and then refinishing and rebuilding it. I also reupholstered it myself, another fun part of the project. See Before and After pics here.20I also reupholstered the chair on the left. It was a free find from a good friend of mine, which of course makes me love it all the more. See Before and Afters here.21Our kitchen we remodeled it in 2012. See Before and After pics here.25 26Our staircase I painted. See Before and After pics here and here.27 28Built-in shelves I made and installed in the upstairs hallway…29 30A peak at our son’s room…31And finally a peak at our daughter’s room…32

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