10 Years Old

Happy Birthday, Ben!

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Double Digits

An early morning birthday present for Ben on Wednesday as he came downstairs exclaiming, “I’m double digits! I’m double digits!”

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Cousin, Friend, and Role Model

Watching Amelia and Rachel interact last night made me so happy. Rachel is incredibly patient and kind with Amelia, and anyone can see that Amelia adores her. I’m so glad my little girl has such a smart, fun, and mature role model and friend in her life.





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Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Talk about sugar and spice…a room full of tiny ballerinas…adorable! Amelia’s only had two lessons, but she’s already decided she “loves” ballet.


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One More Ropes Post

One final highlight, Ben’s favorite part of the ropes course – the zip lines (he did a total of four I think). Amelia had mixed feelings about the whole ropes course, and was pretty tired to begin with. Fortunately, GG was there to make everything better.


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The Kid in Him

Apparently the ropes course, like much of life really, brings out the kid (college kid, maybe) in Alek…

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Birthday Adventure

In lieu of a party this year, we decided to give Ben a couple fun experiences instead. Next weekend he gets to have a friend spend the night (his first sleep over), and on New Year’s Day, we took him to a ropes course in Va Beach. He’d never done anything like it before, but we were pretty sure it would be right up his alley. It was. He and Alek did several courses together, but then Ben and a friend (who just happened to be there too) did a few courses by themselves while Alek tried some harder (higher) courses. Ben loved it and later described it as “the best birthday present ever!” Of course, we couldn’t top that.

(Oh, and yes, it gradually got darker while we were there. It was a special “glow in the dark” time slot – fun to see the park lit up, and Ben was undeterred by “night climbing.”)


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